Spring Water Highlights


spotlight Moline uses coolers to save money, promote its water quality By Anthony Watt, awatt@qconline.com Buy Now Brian Achenbach / bachenbach@qconline.com Bob Bohannon, Moline laboratory chemist, poses for a portrait holding a glass filled with Moline tap water from a water cooler in the Moline City Hall building Thursday, April 20, 2017, in Moline. Moline City Hall needed more water fountains, but the age of the building could have lead to costly renovations. The solution was to have the city buy water coolers with refillable jugs that were to be filled with Moline tap water. Moline's drinking water is held to a higher standard than the FDA holds bottled water companies. MOLINE The city is hoping to spark water-cooler conversations about the city water in city hall's new water coolers. The building is old and has only a few fixed drinking fountains, according to interim city administrator J.D. Schulte and Bob Bohannon, a laboratory chemist with Moline's water division. It would be complicated and expensive to install more. Instead of letting people at city hall rely on bottled water, public works staffers have installed two water dispensers filled with city tap water on the second floor. "We always want to get people off bottled water and onto tap water," Mr. Bohannonsaid. The water machines also have heaters and can dispense hot water for tea or noodles, he said. Upfront, the new machines are cheaper than drinking fountains, Mr.

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